We use FIVB rules unless stated otherwise below. 

Teams will play against 2 different opponents each week (e.g. 10am - 11am, 11am - 12pm)

Teams will play best of 3 games to 21 (17 for Wednesday league) against each opponent. All games are win by 2. Switch sides for the second game and halfway during the third game (after one team reaches 11 points for games to 21 or 9 for games to 17).

All games use rally scoring (every point scores).

Gender preference is for 2 guys and 2 girls in 4v4, but at least one person of each gender must be on the court at all times.

If a team hasn't arrived by game time they forfeit. If only some players from a team have arrived at the start time they may start playing as long as one person of each gender is on the court.

Substitutions can be made freely after any point.

If there are any disagreements about judgments during the game that cannot be resolved, the point should be replayed. Good sportsmanship should be practiced at all times. Any players demonstrating unsportsmanlike conduct may be removed from the game at the league director's discretion.

For insurance reasons, only registered players may play.

Blocks do not count as a hit.

Rock, paper, scissors to determine which team serves first. First serve then alternates each game.

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